Frequently Asked Questions

Addressing The Challenges Of At-risk Girls And Guiding Them On The Path To Success

Over 1,000 girls have completed the Crown Jewel Club core program.

Crown Jewel Club was created in 2005.

South Los Angeles and Inglewood

The fifth grade is a very transitional year for girls preparing to enter middle school, where they may be asked to join gangs, take drugs, or engage in sexual activity. Crown Jewel Club takes a preventative approach and provides girls with support, while helping them build self confidence so that they may make healthy decisions during their adolescence and teenage years.

Seven weeks.

* Introductions (shaking hands, eye contact)

* Social Media

* Bullying

* Basic Manners (“Please” and “Thank You”)

* Writing Thank You notes (when to write them and proper format)

* Personal Hygiene and Grooming

* Table Manners

* Table Settings

* Jewel Book – The girls write answers to particular questions that help empower them and build their self-esteem.
* Mining for Gems – The girls paste magazine pictures into their Gem Book. The pictures convey things they like, places they want to visit, and careers they have an interest in. This allows the girls to develop a vision for the future.
* Snack – To practice their table manners weekly.


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