Our Founder

“The idea for Crown Jewel Club came about when I played hostess to a High Tea Party. One of the guests, an elementary teacher who works in South Central LA, asked me to teach her students– many of whom are foster children, at-risk or potential gang members– something they had never been exposed to, common, everyday polite manners.

I immediately fell in love with the girls and the process. It quickly became about more than just table etiquette and manners. These girls so desperately needed somebody to show them they were lovable. They needed to know there are people who cared for them and wanted them to succeed. To my own surprise, the club became a vehicle for that.

Nobody has grown more throughout this process than I have. And, this program has been the most rewarding experience I have ever had and continues to fill my heart with every new Crown Jewel graduate that is crowned.” 

– Jane Phillips, Founder Crown Jewel Club


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