The Crown Jewel Club program teaches at-risk girls how to deal maturely with social media and the consequences of bullying, basic professional and social skills, such as how to make introductions, how to write a thank you note, and table etiquette and to engage in self-discovery through journaling and goal-setting activities.  These girls are from low-income areas and Crown Jewel Club shows them how to achieve a life they never thought they could have.  These fifth- grade girls attend class after school, once a week for seven weeks.

 The fifth grade is a very transitional year for girls preparing to enter middle school, where they may be asked to join gangs, take drugs, or engage in sexual activity. Crown Jewel Club takes a preventative approach and provides girls with support, while helping them build self-confidence so that they may make healthy decisions during their adolescence and teenage years. With those skills, they can graduate from middle school and high school and hopefully, this minimizes the number of girls dropping out of high school.




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